1 Lb Hemp Flower Cheap – $249/LB -Fathers Day Special

Buy 1 lb hemp flower cheap from Oregon Hemp Flower now. Wholesale, bulk smokable hemp flower prices are dropping because farmers have started to propagate hemp flower seeds to sprout into starts and getting ready to plant for the 2020 hemp harvest season. This means all of 2019’s hemp flower must go. 1 lb of hemp flower is starting at $249 for the Lifter and Suver Haze strains. These are the 2 strains we grew ourselves last year. This also means that our hemp farmer friends also need to get rid of their 2019 hemp flower harvest as well. Scroll down to see our inventory list of hemp flower.

1 lb hemp flower for sale starting at 249 dollars
Pounds of Hemp Flower Ready To Ship

Only $379 For Other Hemp Strains

All other 1 lb hemp flower for sale strains are only going for $379/lb. There is no minimum purchase. If you can’t afford a pound of hemp flower you could always go for our 28 gram / 1 oz hemp flower sizes. All hemp flower for sale strains are $25/oz except for CBG. You could still purchase a pound of CBG Hemp Flower for only $379 a pound.

People Love Oregon Smokable Hemp Flower

Oregon grows the BEST smokable hemp flower bar none. And now you can save hundreds of dollars when you buy multiple 1 lb hemp flower for sale from https://oregonhempflower.org. This is nor opinion, it is fact. Especially, here in the Willamette Valley part of Oregon. The hemp flower plant thrives in mild-weather areas with organic material rich soil. Our growing conditions are perfect during the summer we dont have excessive rains nor is our climate to humid to grow smokeable hemp flower for sale. Check out our ever growing list of smokable hemp flower products by scrolling down below. Or click this link to find a list of our 1 lb hemp flower cheap!!! We have the

All of our smokeable CBD Hemp Flower for sale are under .3% Delta-9 THC as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

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