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Oregon Hemp Flower Firesale – Only $25/oz Direct From The Farmer

40 thoughts on “Oregon Hemp Flower Firesale – Only $25/oz Direct From The Farmer

  1. Have any other hybrids,
    My brother who co operates
    Gorrila seed bank the us number
    Not the Canada or uk/nth. #,
    Has acreage in Virgina,
    Hey email me wasup, decriminalized up to 1.5 ouces
    Here in NC email me how much
    For ounce, somewhat legal here
    Any good buzzin Haze, and shipping.
    Get ahold of gorrila seed bank
    Need any hybrids,
    Cash all good……….

    1. What? I dont understand what you are trying to say here?

    2. Can you ship it?

      1. Yes, with USPS we are able to ship to any and all 50 states.

  2. Is this for real?

    1. Yes, this pricing is for real 🙂

      1. Follower?

        1. Your hemp flower is cbd with little to no thc, correct?

          1. Yes, exactly!!!

      2. Is this ALL CBD? I live in Denver, just wondering if you have any THC smokeables?

        1. Yep, this is all CBD.. Cant sell THC…. YET.. MUHAHAHAHA… LOL

  3. Is it a good strong indica.
    Or more of a hybrid? Do you sell stems. ?

    1. Hemp is actually is part of the Sativa strain of the Cannabis plant. Sorry, we currently do not sell stems…

      1. I knew a guy name joesko from Oregon that had a brother named niksko

        1. Nik Sko is my brother

    2. It’s CBD flower and WILL NOT get you high.

  4. How fresh is your flowers?
    Do you sell clones?
    Is it shipped through UPS, Fedex or USPS

    1. We do not currently sell clones. We use USPS for shipping.

  5. Is this good for glaucoma and head aches

  6. What are the test results? What lab did you use to test?

    1. The links to the COA for both flowers are within each hemp strain above.

  7. Will this get me high?

    1. It will not give you a head psychoactive high, but it will give you a great body high. This is what 99% of people that try our hemp usually tell us.

      1. Does it give you a buzz?

        1. Not a head buzz, but a body buzz for sure…

      2. What is a body high?

        1. You will not get the psychedelic head high from smoking CBD. You will feel very very relaxed though.

  8. I have body pains in my joints my ankle particularly so I was wondering if this would help with the pain?

    1. Suver Haze will help numb pain, Lifter will numb the pain and give you energy to boot!

  9. It sounds awesome but I would like to know if its not a scam to get our information.

    1. No scam, Im putting together a video to show proof of the product.

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  11. Are you looking for Vendors?

    How do I become a Vendor?

    1. Yes, We will be accepting vendors very soon. Email us at to be put on the waiting list.

  12. I just received my first order today. It got to me here in the Northeast in 4 days !! I am so happy with my purchase. I was supposed to get 5 pre-rolls with my order of 2 ounces for $25 and got 9 !! The ounces are fat and the bud is top notch. My lady and I smoked a bowl and we are both feeling really good. I will definitely do business here in the future. Great place.


      1. I started mentioning oregonhempflowers in my cbd group when I got my order a couple of weeks ago and I’ve noticed a few people from the group are trying y’all out. I think you’re a great source for CBD and I’m gonna keep talking you up in the group and hopefully you’ll get lots of customers and everyone from my group can enjoy the benefits of buying from y’all.

        1. Thanks Michael. I love hearing that customers are really enjoying our product!! Thanks for spreading the word.

          1. No problem. I am happy to do it.

  13. I shared some of what I got from y’all with my best friend, Larry. He liked it so much he went ahead and ordered 2 ounces from y’all. He already knows he’s a happy customer. Keep up the good work y’all.

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