CBG Isolate Powder For Sale – 100.4% CBG


100.4% Pure CBG Isolate Powder 

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1 Gram – $10.99
5 Grams – $35.00 – $7/g (Save $10)
10 Grams – $50.00 -$/5g (Save $60)


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How Do You Buy CBG Isolate?

A CBG isolate comes in the same form as a CBG isolate—crystalline powder. Keep in mind when you buy a CBG isolate, it will cost slightly more than when you buy a CBD isolate. The price difference between the CBD isolate for sale, and the CBG isolate for sale comes from the quantity of the compound’s hemp can produce.

Most hemp strains only contain about 1% CBG, whereas the same cultivars produce as much as 20% of CBD. Nonetheless, that is slowly changing. Just as hemp growers have developed strains with higher amounts of CBD, they’re doing the same with CBG.

However, another reason why the CBG isolate for sale costs more than the CBD is cultivators need to use specialized equipment to extract the compound. As the precursor to the remaining 144 plant cannabinoids, at a certain point in the growth cycle, the compound matures and changes to the other phytocannabinoids that develop later.

Buy CBG isolate today. Our top-quality 98.5% CBG can take your hemp-derived cannabinoid experience to a whole new level. Additionally, pick up the CBD isolate for sale to keep a wide range of healing hemp compounds close by to meet your wellness needs.

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