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Buy DELTA 8 Moon Rocks For Sale

🍷 Merlot Delta 8 Moon Rocks For Sale smothered in Delta-8 Oil then powdered with CBG Isolate and heavily rolled in 🍷 Merlot hemp flower Kief.


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Buy DELTA 8 Moon Rocks For Sale

Cannabinoids Mass (%) Mass (mg/g)
Delta 8 Ξ”8-THC 58.7% 587.0 mg/g
CBDa 17.0% 170.0 mg/g
CBGa 0.5% 5.1 mg/g
CBG 11.1% 111.0 mg/g

Why buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks for sale from Oregon Hemp Flower?

Because, our Delta 8 Moon Rocks are hand-made by slowly having our hand-trimmed CBD or CBG hemp flower soak up as much Delta-8 oil as possible by dunking the CBD Hemp flower multiple times in very warm Delta 8 oil.Β  This insures that the entire flower is heavily coated with so much Delta 8 distillate oil that it makes it a perfect super gooey smokable nug.Β  While the it cools the Delta 8 Moon Rocks sit in a bed of keif mixed with pure CBG Isolate powder.Β  The Delta 8 Moon Rocks are then rolled around in the kief/CBG bed mixture to allow the warm Delta 8 oil on the flower to absorb as much possible turning the Delta-8 Oil on the flower a black color.Β  The process is continued until the outside of the Delta 8 moon rocks turn the fuzzy green.

Is Oregon Hemp Flower Federally compliant?

Yes, all of our listed hemp flower and CBD products have less than 0.03% Delta-9 THC as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is it legal to ship to my state?

Yes, it is legal to ship to all 50 US states.

What are your shipping options.

We useΒ USPSΒ to ship all of our hemp flower and CBD products. Shipping options available.
– Regular Mail
– Priority Mail
– Priority Express

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards usingΒ SquareupΒ merchant processor.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we are able to ship internationally.Β  Though you will be required to check your local laws about the legality of CBD hemp flower and related products in your country.Β  Some packages have been known to be confiscated by customs agents.Β  We do not offer refunds so international visitors order at your own risk.

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1 gram, 2 grams, 3.5 grams – 1/8 oz, 7 Grams – 1/4 oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 4 oz – QP, 8 oz – HP, 1 Lb, 2 LB, Pay For 1 Gram – Get 2 Grams, Pay For 3.5 Grams Get – 7 Grams, Pay For 7 Grams – Get 14 Grams, Pay For 14 Grams – Get 28 Grams, Pay For 28 Grams – Get 56 Grams

1 review for 🍷 Merlot Wine DELTA 8 MOONROCKS – Buy One Get One Free

  1. Scott Neal (verified owner)

    my order just arrived.
    the packaging was discreet, no smell when my apartments office worker handed the package to me

    I got home opened the package and the moonrocks are covered in kief, and upon breaking open the bud, a gooey way is in the bud and gives the best high. feeling relaxed and really euphoric, these guys don’t scam! This is my first order with them.

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